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5G isn’t just a new generation of mobile networks – it’s transforming the world as we know it. 

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks. Up to 100 times faster than 4G, 5G is creating never-before-seen opportunities for people and businesses.  

Faster connectivity speeds, ultra-low latency and greater bandwidth is advancing societies, transforming industries and dramatically enhancing day-to-day experiences. Services that we used to see as futuristic, such as e-health, connected vehicles and traffic systems and advanced mobile cloud gaming have arrived.

With 5G technology, we can help create a smarter, safer and more sustainable future.

5G brings new capabilities that create opportunities for people, businesses and society. But what is 5G going to mean for you? Put simply: a lot.

5G for telecom operators

What is 5G going to mean to you as a telecom operator?

To find out, jump to the deep dive section. 

What makes 5G different? 

5G runs on the same radio frequencies that are currently being used for your smartphone, on Wi-Fi networks and in satellite communications, but it enables technology to go a lot further. 

Beyond being able to download a full-length HD movie to your phone in seconds (even from a crowded stadium), 5G is really about connecting things everywhere – reliably, without lag – so people can measure, understand and manage things in real time. 

This has enormous potential – and together, we will take it to the next level. 

Are you curious to know more about the technology and what it means to you? Follow us on an in-depth journey, explaining the differences between 

Things have changed a lot since the first generation of mobile technology.

  • The 1G era was defined by briefcase-sized phones and short conversations between a relatively small number of professional people.
  • In the lead up to 2G, the demand for mobile services grew and never slowed down.
  • Phones that could fit in your pocket, SMS  and mobile internet access were hallmarks of the 3G world.
  • Thanks to 4G, we have smartphones, app stores and YouTube.
  • Now, 5G is completely reshaping both our professional and personal lives by enabling new use cases like connective vehicles, Augmented Reality and enhanced video and gaming.

Read on to learn what 5G is and what it can help achieve.

5G evolution explained

What is 5G capable of? 

5G will do much more than significantly improve your network connection. It provides new opportunities, enabling us to deliver groundbreaking solutions that reach across society. 

Imagine billions of connected devices gathering and sharing information in real time to reduce road accidents; or life-saving applications that can take flight thanks to lag-free guaranteed connections; or production lines so predictive they can prevent interruptions well before they occur.  

There’s no need to imagine. We are making it happen. 

5G transforms societies

Advancing societies

5G opens cutting-edge ways of improving safety and sustainability.

  • Smarter electricity grids for greatly reduced carbon emissions
  • More connected vehicles sharing data to prevent road collisions
  • Faster deployment of emergency services to accidents
  • Connected sensors that can detect and warn of natural disasters early
  • Drones becoming a key tool to accelerate and support emergency situation response
  • Remote expertise with specialists smoothly consulting/diagnosing patients elsewhere
5G transforms industries

Transforming industries

  • 5G is the foundation for flexible, efficient and responsible business.
  • Production lines autonomously reacting to supply and demand
  • Digital replicas that can warn about real machinery faults ahead of time
  • Logistic networks autonomously routing goods based on real-world conditions
  • Full traceability down to the individual item at warehouses and ports
  • Remote access to powerful robots and vehicles for improved safety in risky environments
  • Increased use of IoT in agriculture to efficiently grow crops
5G creates new use cases

Elevating experiences

5G sets the stage for more immersive entertainment and more engaging education.

  • Greater realism in VR, AR and extended reality (XR) with lighter devices
  • Delivering sensory experiences, like touch, through devices
  • More engaging methods of teaching through immersive content
  • Immersive virtual meetings to boost remote team productivity
  • Stable and reliable connectivity in crowded spaces
  • New angles and interactions for live and remote event spectators

5G enabled by Ericsson 

We are at the forefront of the 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing and cloud network infrastructure era – the first company to bring 5G to four continents. Our portfolio is built on innovation and transformation, paving the path toward a fully connected world. 

Ericsson Radio System allows operators to launch the new technology and grow 5G coverage fast – no matter the scale and complexity – and Ericsson Spectrum Sharing allows for accelerated 5G rollouts using existing hardware. 

With our world?leading?technology, we aim to drive society forward and unlock new opportunities. We have the industry’s strongest portfolio of essential 5G patents and plays a pivotal role in global standardization.


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What are the opportunities for mobile operators? 

5G gives communication service providers the ability to serve a multitude of use-cases and use-places with lightning fast connectivity. From smart phones to smart factories, 5G is the open innovation platform that enables society to take the leap towards a smarter, safer and sustainable future. 

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