Accelerate 5G for business

Get a head start on your journey to monetizing 5G for business. Explore it in our practitioner's guide to 5G series.

5G for business

Imagine a world where all enterprises ran on real-time data-driven automation, and never-seen-before levels of agility produced an explosion of transformative industrial innovation. With our 5G for business solutions, we’re making it possible.

Imagine new possibilities for business

5G introduces new innovation possibilities which go beyond today’s enterprise limitations, enabling new ways to work, think, and solve traditional business challenges.

There are some very important common characteristics that emerge when looking at the value of 5G for business transformation, for example:

  • It can run any process remotely, regardless of how critical it is
  • It has actual real-time control of every business process
  • Its operations have been automated
  • It uses compute resources where it makes sense, running applications on the edge where relevant
  • It has an inherently higher security level without sacrificing overall performance

Listen to Dennis Wong, VP Enterprise 5G and Platforms, at Singtel on how they see 5G and future connectivity propelling digital transformation of enterprises in Singapore.

In focus

Insights: Building your enterprise strategy

There are strong reasons to believe that 2022 will be a pivotal year for communications service providers (CSPs). Together with enterprises they will be taking advantage of 5G turning it into an innovation platform. AT&T is one leading communications service provider that is already starting to seize the opportunities. Find out how.

Ericsson Digital's Jan Karlsson talks to service providers from around the world in a new video series exploring 5G enterprise transformation and investigating where the smart money is. Watch the video to find out more.

1 in 5 early enterprise 5G deals are led by communication service providers, according to a 2020 Omdia 5G innovation report. Take a closer look at the enterprise opportunities for today’s telecom players.

In this IndustryLab report, we take a look into the crystal ball in order to better understand what role dematerialization and technological innovation will play over the next decade, as well as what the workplace of the future might look like.

Cases and success stories

Enterprise platform building offerings

Ericsson supports our communication service providers with the most robust and high performing 5G network solutions, offering both a purpose-built portfolio and a Cloud RAN portfolio for 5G.

High-performing 5G transport solutions that are easy to build, scale, and service. Our transport solutions connect 5G services everywhere while enabling superior RAN performance.

5G Core and automation solutions that enable top line growth with optimized total cost of ownership. Create a platform to introduce new exposure, edge, slicing and automation capabilities.

Advance towards your digital BSS goals. Prepare to monetize new 5G business models. Ericsson is the only 5G network technology vendor with a complete end-to-end digital BSS solution.

Grow 5G business with the enterprise application ecosystems through an open programmable network with automated end-to-end life-cycle management across multi-clouds and network domains.

Advance network and IT operations with AI and data-driven solutions to enable service providers and enterprises to run next-generation connectivity and services for their customers.

We combine people and technology integrating data with knowledge to anticipate your needs in the 5G era. AI and data-driven procedures help deploy networks faster and more accurate operating preemptively, allowing service continuity.

Pre-packaged enterprise-ready offerings

High-performance private cellular networks guaranteeing business critical processes by enabling automation, flexibility and intelligent connectivity with highest security protocols.

Ericsson IoT Accelerator is an easy-to-use solution providing global connectivity and management in one unified platform, enabling enterprises to connect and manage devices easily, securely and globally.

High performing, resilient and secure mission critical 4G and 5G mobile communication services to empower digital transformation for Public Safety agencies and Critical Infrastructure industries.

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On-demand webinar


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