Limitless connectivity.
Unlimited possibilities.

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Imagine a world where limitless connectivity means limitless possibility. By creating connections that make the unimaginable possible, we are helping to shape an exciting and positive future. A world where limitless connectivity improves lives, redefines business and pioneers a sustainable future. Below are a few glimpses into the hyper-connected world we will help create. We invite you to explore the potential and power of limitless connectivity and what it means for our future world.

Limitless connectivity. Unlimited possibilities.

New perspectives can change lives, drive climate action, and transform the business of doing business.

Explore a future of limitless connectivity

Imagine experiential learning for all. With a globally connected internet of senses, it’s Possible.

Imagine being there, without being there. With immersive virtual experiences, it’s Possible.

Imagine a paradigm shift in product creation. With real-time collaboration in the mirror world, it’s Possible.

Imagine climate action with exponential impact. With technology and global collaboration, it’s Possible.

Life in 2030

A view ahead to a future reality, where enhanced connections will change the world we live in. Physical and virtual worlds won't just exist in parallel, but will be intrinsically entwined. 

Life in 2030 will be underpinned by limitless connectivity. In every walk of life, data flow will be seamless and immediate. It will enable businesses to operate with more speed and help quickly build new relationships across the world. The possibilities of what this might become are endless.

The forces shaping the future

We live in a rapidly changing world on the cusp of a new era of possibilities. That naturally brings uncertainty, but also a wealth of exciting opportunities. Over the next decade, several forces will shape our world and how we live and work. Here we consider some of the most important socio-economic, political, and technological factors for our business, our customers, and society at large. In many cases, it will be the interplay of these forces that will deliver the greatest impacts.

Imagine Possible: Witness your thrilling future world

Explore the increasing relevance of mobile connectivity that will change our lives, as we move through the next decade. Find out more.

What is needed to deliver limitless connectivity?

Mobile networks of the future

Mobile networks of the future

To become the platform for radical change and transformation, networks will need to become more extensive, dynamic, energy efficient, highly intelligent, trustworthy, resilient and capable of processing anywhere.

Understanding ecosystems is a central skill for anyone dealing with 5G, IT or specific industry verticals. Learn to get ahead in this dynamic landscape, with a brand-new blog series that acts as a master-class in ecosystem evolution, with unique insights, tips and real-world examples.

The role of Ericsson

The role of Ericsson

Taking an ever more proactive role, Ericsson will create the advanced networks we all need, defining standards to create an intelligent platform supporting innovation as a powerful force for good.

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We are creating a world where technology innovation is a positive and exciting force for good. This is a fundamental part of how Ericsson is working to realize our 2030 vision: a world where limitless connectivity improves lives, redefines business and pioneers a sustainable future.

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