From reactive to proactive network operations

A data-driven approach to future-proof networks

AI operations and optimization

As 5G and IoT gain traction across the globe, networks are becoming even more complex. That’s why we’ve accelerated our approach to network and IT operations, taking it from manual, reactive, and incident-driven, to proactive and data-driven operations – all based on AI and automation.

What is AI operations and optimization?

AI operations and optimization involves the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, such as machine learning and advanced analytics. This is done to automate problem-solving and processes in network and IT operations, and to enhance network design and optimization capabilities.

Together with our research teams, we are introducing more advanced solutions like machine reasoning, as well as federated learning, to continue to assure full data privacy, integrity and security in all types of AI and automation solutions.

Key components

AI-ready data

Using and managing the right AI-ready data is the foundation of AI operations and optimization. An end-to-end data strategy and underlying data infrastructure with the right roles and responsibilities, as well as data sovereignty control mechanisms, are also key to leveraging the full potential of AI in network and IT operations and optimization.

The right platform

An end-to-end platform enables a full lifecycle of AI use cases from experimentation and development, to commercialization and support. Not only should the platform leverage synergies across the different organizations, but must also cater for their individual and unique business specific requirements.

Use cases and workflows

AI use cases and workflow improvements are at the very core of successful AI adoption. Apart from leveraging inhouse AI use cases, we work closely with service providers and collaborate with them throughout the process. Today, we have over 50 AI use cases, and we continue to innovate to develop new ones, with the aim of having over 300 by 2022.

People, competencies and culture

A successful AI adoption journey cannot be achieved with technology alone. It needs a data-first mindset. Building AI and data-science competencies through upskilling, reskilling and hiring new talent is crucial. Our end-to-end approach addresses all aspects of becoming a truly data-driven organization.

The AI and automation journey

Use our interactive tool below to explore the evolution of our journey to proactive, data-driven operations.

Ericsson AI by design
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        Key benefits

        Running a 5G network, combined with the demands of increased connectivity and mission-critical use cases is only possible when applying AI automation and data analytics. In addition, evolving consumer expectations means there'll be a strong shift to a 'customer-centric' network and an IT operations approach that's more responsive to customer requirements. AI operations and optimization tackles these challenges by providing:

        Proactive, preventive operations

        From manual, reactive, incident-driven operations, our solutions help you move towards proactive, data-driven AI operations, fixing faults before they impact customer services.

        More than 70 percent? KPI degradations are automatically prevented with Network Service Operations.

        Reduced fault detection and resolution time

        Leads to improved network performance, enhanced user experience and a decrease in costs associated with performance challenges.

        Experience a reduction in resolution time of 28 percent for critical incidents and 66 percent for major incidents with Network Service Operations.

        Enhanced performance

        Our solutions deliver results that are not possible by humans alone. This enables the kind of growth of IoT and 5G-based enterprises that has not yet been feasible.

        Run a network performance analysis with AI-based Cognitive Diagnostics in five minutes, compared to 8 days.

        How we work with AI operations and optimization

        Our AI solutions are specifically designed to tackle the key customer challenges that service providers face today. We call it AI by Design. Use our interactive tool below to explore how our AI-powered solutions solve your challenges.

        Ericsson AI by design
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