Digital Transformation

As the rate of change in our world continues to accelerate, digitalization has become an unstoppable force touching all parts of society. That’s where our Ericsson Digital Transformation team comes in, delivering new, fast, and nimble business capability to drive innovation while partnering with our customers to better impact the world and our daily lives.

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Wireless connectivity is the foundation for the digital future

At the core of this change is the digital infrastructure built using high-performance mobile networks. Governments and businesses alike are realizing just how critical 5G networks are to stimulating innovation for solutions that can make a real difference today.

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How we accelerate transformation

We offer a range of digital jobs and exciting career paths within our Digital Center (DC). These DC careers place you at the forefront of highly visible, prioritized projects that are crucial to writing the next chapter of our digital business transformation here at Ericsson.

B?rje Ekholm
“A critical effort to sharpen the focus on improving our end-to-end flows is our digital business transformation journey. Put simply, this work will make us easier to deal with as well as more transparent and efficient in serving our customers.”

- Börje Ekholm, CEO


We’ve identified 10 digital capabilities that will significantly enhance our customers’ experience and our end-to-end flow efficiency.
For each of these digital capabilities, we’re establishing dedicated, cross-functional teams known as “Lighthouses” which will leverage the latest in data technology while working in an agile, iterative way to create valuable solutions for our customers.

What we are looking for

Are you courageous, collaborative, and have a passion for customer experience? Explore a few of our core roles open now!

AI algorithms engineers with screens

Change Manager

True agents of change able to help us problem-solve and cut through complexity in highly ambiguous situations, Change Managers influence pioneering teams who are paving the way for the next chapter here at Ericsson.

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Agile Coach

Delivering impactful business transformation in an agile way through experimentation, collaboration, and a focus on value creation, Agile Coaches lead in training, mentoring, and coaching.

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Business Analyst

Champions of agile transformation methodologies with a deep understanding of our business and the customer journey, our Business Analysts develop and implement digital solutions across the group to realize significant business results.

What’s in it for you?

Professional growth
In addition to playing a critical role in writing our company’s next chapter, the Digital Transformation Office provides you with a range of career opportunities.

A diverse environment
Be a part of a diverse team, where you’ll experience life working with colleagues from other cultures, mingling with executives and thought leaders, and interacting with subject matter experts making an impact in their fields.

The latest in digital ways of working
Here at our Digital Center, all transformations leverage three key enablers for digital capabilities: ?

  • Data – big data, analytics, and an enterprise data strategy to build knowledge, insights, and transparency and provide a competitive advantage
  • Technology – the latest in cloud applications, automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning across our transformations
  • Agile ways of working – coupling an agile mindset with transformation principles based on short, iterative, and outcome-oriented deliveries

Our people


Liz — Agile Coach

As an Agile Coach, I’m leading my team on their journey to adopting an agile mindset and embedding agile ways of working. Every day, I wear multiple hats and have to think creatively to solve the challenges that the team and business face, but it’s incredibly rewarding and inspiring to help high-performing teams unlock their potential and deliver game-changing value.


Manka — Change Management Expert

As digital platforms disrupt and dominate markets, continuous transformation becomes an integral part of growing businesses today. I’m proud to be a part of orchestrating this change and bringing new ways of working here at Ericsson.

Ericsson is proud to be an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer.

We do not discriminate based on race, color, gender, sexual orientation, transgender status, gender identity and/or gender expression, marital status, pregnancy, parental status, religion, political opinion, nationality, ethnic background, social origin, social status, indigenous status, disability, age, union membership or employee representation and any other characteristic protected by local law, as applicable, and/or Ericsson’s policies.

If you need assistance or to request an accommodation due to a disability, please contact Ericsson at or (866) 374-2272 (US) or (877) 338-9966 (Canada) for further assistance.

Pursuant to Department of Labor regulation 20 CFR 655.734, Ericsson Inc. is providing notice to potentially affected workers that H-1B workers are beeing sought at the worksites listed below. All labor condition applications are avaliable for public inspection at our administrative headquarters for immigration matters located at:

6300 Legacy Drive

Plano, Texas 75024

Complaints alleging misrepresentation of material facts in the labor condition application and/or failure to comply with the terms of the labor condition application may be filed with any office of the Wage and Hour Division of the United Stated Department of Labor.

It has come to our attention that emails and job adverts have been created and circulated by unknown individuals for the purpose of attempting to defraud candidates.

Potential candidates should be wary of approaches that appear to be offering a job for which they have not applied, especially if personal details or money must be sent in order to proceed with the recruitment. Neither Ericsson nor any commissioned third parties recruit in this manner. Such approaches are almost certainly fraudulent attempts to gain details of identity for illegal use.

Ericsson is taking all necessary steps to investigate this matter further.

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