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At Ericsson, we are creating technology that makes lives better for individuals and societies around the world. Our heritage is rooted in technology, which is clear when you look at the thousands of patents and innovations to our name. The first wireless LTE network? That was us. Erlang? That was us. Bluetooth? That was us, too. From making connectivity more accessible to enabling IoT solutions that help with road safety, we are part of the most innovative technology of today, while also shaping the future of technology.

As you might imagine, an international technology company with a presence in 180 markets, we have just about every type of engineer you could imagine on our team, from Software developers to Network engineers and everything in between. you will work in an innovative environment where you will always develop, and there are countless opportunities to learn new things, and move between different business areas. With 5G rolling out around the globe, we are a leader in bringing it to the market, and need talented engineers such as yourself, who are passionate about emerging technology.

Software developer

As a Software developer at Ericsson, you will be involved in all processes related to the creation and design of new systems. This includes planning, designing, coding, encrypting, and testing systems to name a few. We also look to our skilled Software developers to make recommendations for future developments of our ever-evolving technology.

Our people

Alejandra Abad Sojos

Alejandra Abad Sojos, Software developer

I like my job because it’s colorful. During my work I face many exciting challenges; I can use different technologies and I can also test myself in several projects. Additionally, I enjoy continuous development and learning that is supported, the team is great, the coffee is good, the work time is flexible, and I can even have a career abroad. 

Rihyun Kim

Rihyun Kim, Verification Engineer

We are developing new technology such as 5G and trying to innovate on existing technology with high-end tech like AI or data science, to provide users around the world with the best service possible. Going through this journey, I was given the chance to learn the new technologies that are being used around the world and it has been an interesting experience thus far.

Johanna Zhu, Software Developer

“As software developers we are intellectual bad-asses.”

Hardware developer

At Ericsson we rely on our talented Hardware developers to identify complex problems, develop and evaluate possible solutions, and determine the best way to implement them. you will be involved in designing new devices, and will work collaboratively with other engineers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions.

Our people

Tomas Tilver

Tomas Tilver, developer

My days are filled with exciting and diverse tasks! I investigate ways to make our products easier to install and maintain, and I troubleshoot problems in live networks – that is a challenging detective-like task. And my work is always done in cooperation with colleagues from all over the world.

Chi Zhang

Chi Zhang, Hardware developer

To me it is interesting and exciting to turn my ideas into real products that are the foundation of telecommunication. Imagine that the pieces of my hardware design and the lines of my code are helping millions of people all over the world!

ASIC developer

Our ASIC developers are creative problem solvers who enjoy new challenges. As a part of the team you will be involved in designing and implementing different features into Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). You will also work on verification to make sure that the design fulfils the requirements. you will also work on validation and support activities, such as testing design environments. Your role will be interesting, expansive, and full of new experiences.

Our people

Enrique Cobo Jiménez

Enrique Cobo Jiménez, ASIC developer

I work as an ASIC designer and verifier for various hardware blocks within the chip. As a designer, the challenge is to transform high-level requirements into digital circuits that implement them efficiently. As a verifier, it is critical to create test cases to make sure that the blocks work; two processes that are equally important.

Asra Habib

Asra Habib, ASIC developer

The people working here are the reason why I will choose Ericsson over and over again if I get a chance to. I work with the best team, which helps me grow. This is my first job and the way everyone assisted me to become who I am today is truly remarkable. 

Network engineer

Are you our next information-hungry Network engineer? As part of our global team, you will be able to combine deep network knowledge with analytical, customer-service, and organizational leadership to make sure our networks are running as smoothly as possible. Working as part of a multi-talented team, you will have the possibility to work hands on with our networks, including network monitoring, security, and configuration management software, troubleshooting, and problem resolution.

Our people

Shiva Shankar T

Shiva Shankar T, Network engineer

Every day I come across new challenges during troubleshooting and this helps me elevate my learning curve. Also, there are abundant resources for help at Ericsson. There are a lot of collaboration platforms that help us connect to anyone in Ericsson to get our questions answered. 

Pablo Rodriguez

Pablo Rodriguez. Network engineer

My unit works on assignments all over the world, helping our customers to develop and optimize their networks. Basically I spend half the year abroad and the other half in my home country, either training or giving remote support and, honestly, this is the perfect position for me since I enjoy both travelling and learning about new technologies.

Integration engineer

As an Integration engineer at Ericsson, you will be responsible for the development and testing of control systems or engines using digital electronics and communications. you will have an opportunity to hone in on  technical detail, build your knowledge and develop new skills, and work collaboratively as you build a bank of solutions that can be drawn upon to solve technical problems.

Our people

Xiolile Mahlan

Xiolile Mahlan, Integration Engineer

Working at Ericsson is interesting, because it gives you an opportunity to grow. Information is readily available for everyone to access and in my department I have an opportunity to work on different projects and customers, which helps improve my expertise. 

Calixto Aguillón Guerrero

Calixto Aguillón Guerrero, Integration Engineer

I’m integrating new or existing sites, meaning, I load configuration on new hardware that allows it to improve the network in regards to capacity of users, throughput and power efficiency. I have to make sure the changes integrate well, and that the network is performing better when I’m done.

Solution architect

Our Solutions architects are driven individuals who like to see the bigger picture. you will be responsible for designing, describing and managing solution engineering, and bridging the gap between business problems and technology solutions, while exploring a range of options to find the best tech solutions for our customers.

Our people

Nelson Santiago

Nelson Santiago, Solution architect

In my role I usually have to solve many different things, but I think what is most challenging is to meet the expectation plus requirements of the client when products that are key to their solutions, aren’t supported. To solve this, we often need to come up with clever workarounds to get everything to work as expected. 

Aysel Pamuk

Aysel Pamuk, Solution architect

I am happy that there is a human being in the center of my work. My design/solution touches people’s life and makes a difference for them

Data engineer

As a Data engineer at Ericsson you will transform data into a useful format for analysis, creating interfaces and mechanisms for the flow and access of information. As an expert in system architecture, programming, database design, or interface and sensor design, you will be hands-on with tools of the trade, and will make a difference as you generate insights and put them to practical use. 

Our people

Raman N

Raman N, Data engineer

I create, evolve and optimize data and model dataOps pipeline architecture for automated, robust and scalable machine learning pipelines. Working on global projects gives me unique opportunities to collaborate with people around the world to solve complex and challenging problems enabling me to continuously improve and strive for excellence.

Zhaoji Huang

Zhaoji Huang, Data engineer

At Ericsson you are always encouraged to bring your ideas up and test them out. You are free to bring up any issues to anyone at any time (it will be a little bit hard at midnight), and they are willing to listen to you. There are also weekly events to encourage you to learn from and chat with other team members.

Ilyas Habeeb, Data Engineer

"I build the bedrock, or the foundation, which will enable Ericsson to really leverage its 5G use case."

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