Working with research at Ericsson you will have opportunities for challenging work with the chance to innovate. Influencing projects from conception to delivery is within your domain, and you’re always encouraged to present radical new thinking. Alongside top research and development professionals, this is where you can make an impact through the development of technology, transforming the present while you shape the future.
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Creating connections

At Ericsson we believe in changing the world by creating connections. With technology at the heart of our business, our team of talented researchers is always hard at work on what’s next in information and communications technology (ICT). Join our researchers and you will be doing groundbreaking work at the forefront of ICT areas such as radio access, network evolution, cloud technologies, data analytics, security, and sustainability, just to name a few.

Innovation and collaboration

We’re always looking to collaborate with thought leaders and innovators who can drive change, which is why we perform cutting-edge studies in cooperation with partners, research institutes, and universities. you will also have opportunities to attend courses that allow you to keep up with the latest trends and innovations connected to 5G, AI and machine learning while providing an overview of our innovative technology and research along with the people and businesses we serve.

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Passionate individuals

Our teams are as diverse as they are talented, and include Research technology specialists, Product development, Product management and Commercialization roles. In short, we’re always on the lookout for people who have the passion and capability to develop, adapt, and drive new technologies, ideas, and concepts and who are keen to explore the various avenues made available by our global reach.

Our people

Antonio D'Errico, Researcher

Antonio D'Errico, Researcher

When you work with Ericsson, your daily experience takes a different turn than conventional life, seeing new horizons and taking new actions with effects that may spread all over the world.

Aneta Vulgarakis

Aneta Vulgarakis, Researcher

I love doing research, and love working at Ericsson, as it is one of the few companies in the world that has a whole unit, called Ericsson Research, dedicated to longer term research than that of the R&D units.

Ready to apply

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Ericsson is proud to be an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer.

We do not discriminate based on race, color, gender, sexual orientation, transgender status, gender identity and/or gender expression, marital status, pregnancy, parental status, religion, political opinion, nationality, ethnic background, social origin, social status, indigenous status, disability, age, union membership or employee representation and any other characteristic protected by local law, as applicable, and/or Ericsson’s policies.

If you need assistance or to request an accommodation due to a disability, please contact Ericsson at or (866) 374-2272 (US) or (877) 338-9966 (Canada) for further assistance.

Pursuant to Department of Labor regulation 20 CFR 655.734, Ericsson Inc. is providing notice to potentially affected workers that H-1B workers are beeing sought at the worksites listed below. All labor condition applications are avaliable for public inspection at our administrative headquarters for immigration matters located at:

6300 Legacy Drive

Plano, Texas 75024

Complaints alleging misrepresentation of material facts in the labor condition application and/or failure to comply with the terms of the labor condition application may be filed with any office of the Wage and Hour Division of the United Stated Department of Labor.

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