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Across all borders, sectors, and geographies, we are helping enterprises and mobile network operators push the limits of the possible. Digital transformations are allowing organizations to evolve for the future - Not just with new products and services, but a complete business transformation.

Ready for the game changer?

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses need to be more agile than ever. Thankfully, new and emerging technologies like cellular and IoT are rapidly reshaping businesses and liberating them to thrive in the new digital reality.


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The cellular advantage

Cellular - the ultimate connector

The engine that's powering business digital transformation is cellular technology. It's the glue that's binding billions of devices together with the potential of seamless connectivity. And these are just some of the advantages it can offer to enterprises:


Borderless coverage

Putting the whole world in reach

Combining indoor and outdoor penetration with genuinely global coverage that moves easily across sectors and devices.


High performance

A platform to out-perform

Built on high-speed, low-latency technology with unparalleled positioning capabilities.


Built-in security

Giving protection without restriction

Licensed spectrum couples security with control.


Uncompromising reliability

Outstanding predictability as standard

Reliability that doesn’t waver, even during surges and peaks.


Seamless control

Managing the whole without holes

With total and transparent visibility across the entire product lifecycle.


Unrivalled scalability

Powering growth on demand

Through the ability to scale on the spot, sparked by the exponential potential of new connections.

A connected business is a transforming business

Cellular connections have always been focused around the consumer. But now it’s time that enterprises start adopting cellular to create more connected products.

Connected products enable enterprises to gain a full and ongoing real-time view after deployment. It’s the gift of intelligence that keeps on giving. With collected data offering unique and timely insights, businesses can transform the way they do business.

With cellular technology, like 4G and 5G, the potential to create entirely new business models and revenue streams is here. Learn how cellular technology can help you change the shape of your business, and ultimately, an entire industry.

Cellular empowers any business to


Optimize operations to be market ready and instantly and efficiently adapt to changes in demand and conditions.

Instant, uninterrupted visibility allows businesses to take automation to new levels to help boost productivity and efficiency.

Get greater value from data to make intelligent, timely decisions, drive new growth and deliver superior customer experiences.

Our portfolio

The products to transform your business

To realize the full potential of cellular and IoT, enterprises need the right tools to harness it. Ericsson has a range of products to help deliver total digital and business transformation. These will form the building blocks that will turn your ideas and innovations into reality.

Why Ericsson

At Ericsson, we're in the business of changing business

How do we know we can transform your business? Because we've been doing exactly that since the start of the digital revolution.

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onboarded enterprises
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How do we do that?

making it easy for you to amplify value just where and when you need it

with trusted, reliable connectivity allowing you to reach new heights

providing a robust safety net so your business can make big leaps into new possibilities

Featured cases

With cellular connectivity, advanced tracking solutions and energy-efficient wearables make it easier to monitor assets.

Capturing and monitoring real-time video with body-worn cameras is helping public safety agencies and first responders keep citizens safer.

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