Ericsson's annual report and Ericsson 2021 in review

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The 'Ericsson in review' includes 2021 highlights, the CEO comment, our strategy and targets as well as information about our segments and market areas. Read the Ericsson 2021 in review for in-depth information about our focused expansion into enterprise and the value of Ericsson’s technology leadership. 

Ericsson's Annual Report 2021 cover four key sections: Financials, Corporate Governance, Remuneration and Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility. 

Sections of Ericsson's Annual Report 2021

The Financial report 2021 includes the CEO comment, strategy, the Board of Directors' report and the annual accounts and consolidated accounts of the Company.

The Corporate Governance report 2021 includes information on how rights and responsibilities are distributed among Ericsson’s corporate bodies. The report also includes information on the decision-making systems and structures through which the owners can utilize their rights in Ericsson.

The Remuneration report 2021 provides information on the implementation of Guidelines for Remuneration to Group Management in 2021 and a summary of variable compensation programs to the Executive Team.

The Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility report includes information on Ericsson’s environmental, social and corporate governance performance, activities and impact.

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