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Cognitive Technology

The arrival of 5G networks presents new paradigms of complexity for today’s communications service providers. Transforming these complexities into opportunities, cognitive technologies blend big data with unique network domain expertise to deliver unprecedented speed, scale and accuracy in emerging intent-based network operations.

What is cognitive technology?

Traditional forms of network automation are not made to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic and multidimensional networks. Enabled by the ubiquity of big data and ever-expanding compute power, cognitive technologies are redefining the very nature of network operations, solving complex challenges where traditional automation falls short.

These software-based technologies leverage the velocity, volume and variety of big data generated by next-generation networks to intelligently evolve the tradeoff between network speed, cost, and quality. With unique domain knowledge built into the algorithms, cognitive technologies transform operations to deliver on complex and diverse business goals, taking service providers closer than ever to zero touch networks.

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Ericsson Performance Optimizers, the latest in our Cognitive Software Portfolio

Our new optimization solution uses digital twin technology and advanced AI techniques like deep reinforcement learning to analyze the Radio Access Network (RAN) to proactively provide mobile network optimization recommendations and resolve specific network performance issues, enabling a superior subscriber experience, while reducing operating costs.

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Examples of cognitive technology in telecom

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Network CAPEX planning

Perform strategic network investment decisions based on predicted network capacity needs, instead of reacting to bottlenecks once they have occurred.

6G Network compute

Network launch

Leverage network crowdsourced data for remote verification and acceptance of newly deployed equipment, without having to send engineers or drive tests on the site.

Smart public transport

Proactive network optimization

Identify and resolve network anomalies before user experience degradation occurs, instead of reacting to complaints or a worst cell optimization process against a limited number of network cell metrics.

Trending insights

While they may sound like science fiction, digital twins are already being leveraged in commercial solutions, unlocking the potential of AI, data & digitalization to enable the mobile networks of the future. Here we explore three real-world digital twin examples and discover how this technology is opening up new possibilities for optimized, automated and future-proof networks.

-Featuring Claudia Muniz, Head of Technical Sales in NDO this podcast talks about the power of Artificial Intelligence in mobile networks and how Ericsson is using data to create predictive algorithms that identify and solve problems before they impact end user experience.

Reinforcement Learning (RL) enables networks to continuously learn from observations, and by that maintaining an optimized customer experience in a dynamic environment. What benefits did RL materialize in Swisscom & Ma?sMo?vil networks?

Early 5G adopters place even higher expectations on overall network performance. How can service providers step up to the challenge?

Deeper integration with Native APIs

As part of both implementation routes, native application programming interfaces (APIs) deliver deeper integration of cognitive applications within the service provider’s existing environment, enabling insights to be connected to in-house workflows and used as a basis for further development.

“Network performance improvement is a critical factor for delivering a great network experience to our customers. However, today we're spending a huge amount of time to do this. Using the machine learning-based methodology provided by Ericsson, we see that network optimization, that takes each area's specific attributes into consideration, can be done in a much shorter amount of time.”

Yasuo Ohkouchi, General Manager of Mobile Network Technical Development Division, KDDI

Cognitive technology solutions for telecom

Ericsson delivers an industry-leading suite of cognitive software solutions with multi-vendor support across radio access technologies and wide reach across the entire network lifecycle. Through unique integration of network design and optimization domain knowledge with advanced AI technologies, the Ericsson suite is designed to truly unleash the full potential of next-generation networks.

Cognitive Planning

AI and automation deliver high-accuracy traffic forecasts, KPI predictions, bottleneck identification and load balancing opportunities across the network lifecycle. AI-based scenario impact analysis enables proactive network planning, based on predictive rather than reactive intelligence, contributing to reduced CAPEX and optimal performance across the network.

Using digital twin technology and advanced AI techniques like deep reinforcement learning, the new Ericsson Performance Optimizers can be deployed to enable a helicopter view of the network as a whole. The solution accounts for the invisible changes in the network caused by each addition to the environment.

Cognitive Tuning

Big data technologies process crowdsourced live traffic data from across the network, delivering a scalable, reliable, and replicable approach to performance analytics. Whether deployed through a network launch or during operations, this creates a world wherein every user becomes a drive test.

Cognitive Optimization – Performance Diagnostics

AI-based network diagnostics analyze every network cell to detect and classify cell issues, including hidden patterns. Based on the diagnostics, specific parameter adjustments will be recommended to resolve identified issues, ensuring continuous optimization of the network and a superior user experience.

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NTT DOCOMO selects Ericsson as its AI-based optimization solution vendor for its nationwide radio access network (RAN).

Why is AI transformation key to succeed on 5G? Swisscom talks about how to make the best network, better with Ericsson Operations Engine Cognitive Software.

Traditional drive-test based initial tuning and acceptance is slow, polluting and not representative of the real user experience. Thanks to Virtual Drive Test being, XL Axiata increased subscriber visibility, accelerated acceptance, reduced its CO2 emissions, and decreased costs.

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