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5G Standalone?

No matter where in the world you need to provide 5G coverage, there are now more ways than ever to evolve your 5G service offering quickly and cost-efficiently.?

Ericsson solutions for 5G Standalone ensures instant response times as well as the future-readiness of your network, opening-up new business opportunities. By applying 5G Dual connectivity and Carrier Aggregation, capacity and coverage is extended for mid- and high bands. With our Massive MIMO and mmWave solutions, you can accelerate 5G to standalone with ultra-low latency and higher data rates. And with our cloud-native dual-mode 5G Core, new services can be brought to market with higher flexibility and agility.?

5G standalone capabilities enable new use cases?

Ultra-low latency & higher bit rates?

5G standalone enables the super-fast response times and faster access to higher data rates, that are required by Cloud gaiming, immersive media, and vehicles or cobots control.

Increased capacity and coverage

Compared to 4G/5G Dual Connectivity, Carrier Aggregation boosts network capacity by 27 percent and brings coverage to 25 percent more people that use the mid-band for the downlink.

Network slicing

End-to-end network slicing with higher scalability and enhanced quality-of-services management enables new business models and use cases across all verticals and creates new revenue opportunities for CSPs.?


5G Standalone cases

Singtel’s 5G Standalone (SA) network offers blazing fast speeds, hyperconnectivity, and a myriad of possibilities for both enterprise and consumers. Learn about Singtel’s journey to get there.

This is the history of how Vodafone Germany became the first operator to launch 5G standalone in Europe and is bringing a wealth of new opportunities and use cases to shape Germany’s 5G future.

Swisscom became the first to launch commercial 5G in Europe. The leading service provider has hit 5G milestone after milestone, together with Ericsson and now ready to take the next steps in enabling new 5G services.

Australia’s leading telecommunications provider journey toward a cloud-native 5G Core (5GC) network and 5G standalone (5G SA). Read the story about how Telstra, together with Ericsson, is re-shaping its core network for the best user experience in 5G.

Industry insights
“Ericsson’s latest 5G offerings equip service providers with an even broader 5G portfolio by adding the Standalone NR option. The series of solutions being added to the Ericsson 5G platform will allow service providers to deploy 5G sensibly and address new business opportunities with full flexibility. What you get is faster, cheaper, makes better use of existing assets and with fewer truck rolls. That’s pretty cool.”

- Industry Analyst Hugh Ujhazy, Vice President, IOT & Telecommunications at International Data Corporation (IDC), Asia Pacific.
Technology insights

Advanced 5G use cases will revolutionize businesses and the day-to-day lives of consumers. But none of those will be possible without 5G Core (5G Core) and New Radio (NR) standalone technology.

5G Dual connectivity enables Standalone 5G with high-band (mmWave) and mid-band spectrum. This provides higher uplink and downlink data rates and supports latency-sensitive applications for consumers and enterprises, including multi-player gaming and immersive media.

Collaborative robots (cobots) may be the next big thing for Industry 4.0. But to provide a safe environment for human-robot collaboration, the ultra-low latency connectivity from 5G standalone and the network exposure capabilities from a 5G Core network will be needed.?

5G standalone with dual connectivity?

Patrik Persson, Strategic Product manager 5G RAN, presents the latest milestone of combining mmWave high-band with mid-band spectrum to a user device over 5G Standalone, powered by the Ericsson Radio System.

Explore our portfolio?

We support our Communication Service Providers with the most robust and high performing 5G network solutions while planning for future network topologies and ideologies.?

Get to the core of 5G – a cloud native dual-mode 5G Core that combines EPC and 5GC network functions into a common cloud native platform for efficient TCO and smooth migration to 5G.?

5G enables new business model innovation across all industries. Network slicing will play a crucial role in enabling service providers to offer innovative services to enter new markets and expand their business already today.?

Distribute infrastructure resources and applications to meet latency and bandwidth requirements at low cost. Learn more here about Ericsson NFVI.

Transformation is happening across a spectrum of industries. But as industrial digitalization accelerates, so does the demand for the advanced connectivity that private cellular networks can deliver.?

The close co-design of Ericsson Silicon with hardware and software plays a crucial role in facilitating the creation of high-performing, energy efficient and lightweight products for a wide range of deployment scenarios, today and in the future.?

5G is no longer just about being first to market; instead, high performance and good coverage dominates mobile operator requirements. By exceeding service providers' needs, Ericsson’s Uplink Booster efficiently extends 5G mid-band coverage by a considerable margin.?

This software feature extends mid and high-band 5G capacity and coverage when combined with NR on low bands. It is essential to introduce NR on low bands to use Inter-band NR Carrier Aggregation. With Ericsson, CSPs can switch on 5G on low bands using Ericsson Radio System infrastructure and leverage existing 4G spectrum.

5G network?

Explore the technology that empowers your network of the future?.

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