Ericsson Startup 5G

5G is more than just a technology, it is a platform for innovation. But players across the ecosystem need to work together to realize its full potential.

Discover two successful 5G partnerships

Working with Startup 5G has proved successful for Rogers Communications (Canada) and Celcom Axiata (Malaysia), as they connected with the brightest global startups to introduce differentiation to their 5G offerings and accelerate the monetization of 5G.

Ericsson Startup 5G is connecting leading communication service providers (CSPs) with the right consumer innovation partners to help them accelerate the successful commercialization and monetization of 5G.

A catalogue of startups, hand-picked for 5G

We are working with startups from across the world, innovators and creators that develop solutions ranging from immersive sports experiences to exciting 5G devices with new form factors.

Premium E-sports Streaming

Harnessing the streaming power of 5G for the next-generation e-sport content platform.

Immersive Learning

Meet the startup aiming to make the most of children’s digital time, with augmented reality books.

Transactable AR

Innovative augmented reality solutions that add value to users in completely new ways.

Social VR

Virtual reality is about more than gaming, demonstrating the real potential for VR in everyday life.

Join our network of startups

If you’re a startup with a product or service that’s really proving the capabilities of 5G, find out more and join Ericsson Startup 5G.

Join Startup 5G

CSPs committed to 5G service innovation

By bundling and offering value-add services, CSPs can differentiate the customer experience over 5G, ultimately changing the usage behavior and demand for mobile connectivity.

Our world-class consumer research and the 5G consumer use cases roadmap is our guiding star in searching for hot new services in all consumer domains, like entertainment, gaming, sports, e-learning and city-scale use cases.

Through the Startup 5G process, CSPs get exposure to over 25 years of consumer insights from ConsumerLab’s analytical platform and latest market insights on 5G consumer innovation from across the world. Various tools and close collaboration help CSPs identify key 5G use case areas and prioritize successfully monetizable opportunities. Finally, CSPs get connected with a global network of innovators and supported to forge commercial, showcase and PoC engagements.


  • Access to 25 years of consumer insights from ConsumerLab’s analytical platform and consumer research programs
  • Latest market insights on 5G consumer innovation from across the world


  • Differentiate your 5G offering for consumers and stand our in your market


  • Organized pitch sessions with a curated list of companies innovating over 5G
Andrew Stormont, Telstra Mobility Executive says: "The Ericsson Startup 5G program is a crucial step towards Australians benefiting from more innovation in consumer experiences. By developing these tangible use-cases as part of the program, we will be demonstrating the true potential of 5G, which can lead to significant growth in 5G uptake among Australian consumers."

Tiers of partnership offered to CSPs under the program

Startup 5G

A 6 to 12 months long full engagement covering insights, prioritization and connection with startups globally, for CSPs that require end to end support in innovating with 5G.

2022 seats fully booked!

Startup 5G
Startup 5G Lite

Startup 5G Lite

A compact program for CSPs that want to get up to speed with latest insights and best practices of innovating with ecosystem partners.

Looking to differentiate your 5G offering?

Get in touch with your local Ericsson representative to find out how we could help you find the perfect partner for collaboration.

5G for consumers

Ericsson Consumer and IndustryLab have been bringing the voice of the consumer into the organization for over 25 years. Every year we speak to about 100,000 consumers, representing the opinions of 2.2 billion people globally. The vast knowledge gained from this research is then shared with the rest of our business, not only providing the trends and consumer behavior insights to help us succeed, but to help our customers in developing their consumer offerings.

The Ericsson Startup 5G concept was first initiated in November 2019. 5G launches were happening for the first time all over the world, but we noticed that the vast majority of these were focused solely on connectivity, rather than the many consumer use cases that 5G enables. Our research found that, by diversifying and evolving their offerings, CSPs could capture a significant USD 3.8 trillion dollars in consumer revenues between now and 2030. Ericsson Startup 5G was born to help our customers clinch this extra 5G revenue.

Our global industry knowledge and expertise has perfectly positioned us to act as matchmakers in the 5G ecosystem, introducing CSPs to products and services ready to launch on a mass scale. We are using our extensive consumer research to identify the startups with the highest potential for success.

For more information about the opportunities with 5G and other ongoing initiatives, please visit .

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