Ericsson Mobility Report

June 2022

Ericsson Mobility Report

Explore industry-leading projections and analysis of the latest trends in the mobile industry. Our forecasts are based on past and current data, validated with extensive network measurements. Discover the latest figures for 5G, IoT, fixed wireless access and more.

June 2022 report

In this edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report we continue to follow the evolution of the telecom industry, where 5G is scaling faster than any previous mobile generation.


The journey

The Ericsson Mobility Report journey started in 2011, when Ericsson decided to share data and insights openly to all those interested in understanding our industry's development. Since then, the report and featured articles have seen a continuous evolution and an expanding scope. Discover more about our journey below.


Explore the relationship between the usage of various app types and monthly traffic per subscription with our interactive tool.

Explore the forecast data that underpins the Ericsson Mobility Report in our interactive web application.

Deep dives

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